Adrienne Bolland

« TRUE BIRDS », de Coline Béry.

de Coline Béry.

TRUE BIRDS couv livre broché 2017 l“True Birds, Searching for Adrienne Bolland’s Two Legendary Planes”, tells the story of the Caudron planes which at their pilot, then aged twenty-five in 1921, had been charged for selling in South America.

Embedded side by side on the transatlantic Lutetia, one of these two aircraft will become famous after crossing the Andes on April 1st 1921, and the other will know… hell.
But what is the complete story of these planes ? Did they experience technical transformations, and why ? How were schools and aviation infrastructures organized in South America at this time?
Adrienne Bolland was French. Who are the French in 1920, pilots and mechanics who went to work in South America as part of the “French Aeronautic Mission”?
Whom did Adrienne Bolland met there?
Finally, where are the two Caudron Type G.3 today?

Coline Béry has been supported for six years in her investigations by historians, researchers and aviation experts – we can say Air « Sherlock Holmes » – in all countries of South America where Adrienne Bolland lived and flew.
“True Birds” mark the beginning of a cycle of publications in which Coline Béry will try to scientifically understand the many successes of Adrienne Bolland. The works are all based on documents, archives and testimonies never published before.
In “True Bird” you’ll discover the real specific steps of her flight plan, and all the chronology of this achievement over the Andes.
In the second volume, to be published in 2016, Coline Béry will return to the origins of the passion for travel and adventure of Adrienne Bolland. A passion screened threw a very detailed timeline in which the reader will discover the heart and the roots of her childhood and family, who were both adventurous and travelers.Adrienne Bolland is such a romantic and charming figure that Marc Levy recalls her in one of his novels…

The epilogue of “True Birds” has been written by Adrienne Bolland herself.
A bibliography, index, chronological markers, active links and notes complete the book.
The interior design is by Anne Vanier, who is also the visual designer for happenings: “Poisson d’Avril On The Tarmac” (aerial and historical trips, written by Coline Béry for aerodromes and flying clubs about Adrienne Bolland).

Press review
– “ You carried us with her in the machines. It is a true adventure novel ! Great… ”. (Laurent Bailleul, president of Anciens Aérodromes 2A).
– “ I see you still have many things to reveal about Adrienne Bolland and I look forward to your next job (with I suppose some « secrets »…)”. (Gustavo Necco, historian and Aviation researcher in Uruguay).
– “ An essential text on the history of Air in the Andes”. (Alarcon Hector Carrasco, aviation historian and Chilean writer). Article in Spanish:
– “Excellent.Thank you and best regards, Mendoza, Argentina !”. (Jorge Campana, reporter for Los Andes).

True Birds is « Le Matricule Des Oiseaux » in French.
True Birds is « El Nombre De Los Pájaros » in Spanish.

AB souriante dans G3   2 articles AB USA 1921

® Archivos de la nación (Argentina) & coll A.Drussel

Juncal Pont Mendoza

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